Sunday, March 27, 2005

Smoke and Mirrors

Is anyone else out there wondering why congress has even taken it upon itself to "investigate" baseball's steriods problem. This is the height of absurdity! It's a smoke screen. The smoke screen's goal is to bury the dirt that they themselves are creating. The biggest being turning down an increase in the minimum wage level. Minimum wage has not been increased in eight years! Yet congress sees this as fitting. In their minds it is ok to give themselves pay increases but balk at increases for other workers. This is a crime against the American people and a crime against humanity.

So they'll cover up this crime by tackling baseball's problems. Give us a break. Baseballs' problems pale in comparison to the problems that congress is creating for workers in the US. Oh yeah, and the media that supports the smoke and mirrors just reports it as if it isn't insane. Does the congress of the us have nothing better to do than investigate baseball? Of course they do. Does the media not understand its role? We think the media has long forgotten its role is to question. Ask hard questions put people on the spot who deserve it, keep the government, business and citiznes honest.

This is a new day though. Everything is upside down. Lies are being represented as truth, cooberated by the media and accepted by the people. We must ever more read between the lines. Back media that is asking the hard questions and uncovering the real truth. Read: The Nation, The Progressive and other magazines that are really trying to keep us informed. Listen to Democracy Now! and get real information. Then write the backwords media that isn't serving the purpose of truly informin the citizenry. Call them out on this. Make them know that you are an informed person who sees that they have dropped the ball and are not doing their jobs. They in turn, in embarrassement, will enventually do better.

Forcing the media to do a better job is an important campaign. They afterall, shape the opinions of millions of people.


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