Saturday, March 26, 2005

Pinky and the Brain

You know it's time! Time for us to take over the world and make it into a rocking place where everyone has enough! All we need is a critical mass of like minded, peaceful people. More people are waking up to the peaceful tip every day! I love this!

Why does the thought of peace so threaten some folks? This is a question I have asked myself numerous times. How could anyone in their right mind say, "no one wants war, but since we are over there, ( meaning Iraq) shouldn't we support the troops?)." In my mind this is beyond absurd, yet this is the way some people in the US are thinking right now. It makes me incredibly sad and makes me really wonder how can I continue to live in a society with people who are so idiotic? I want to separate myself from them. I want to be far away from this insanity.

So, I say it is time! Time to make a change! We must begin to truly make a difference in the world. I don't know if I can spend my life trying to educate folks about why it is insane to support war if no one wants to be at war. Why is is insane to put a manipulative, liar back into office, and why it is absurd to sit and wonder why people in the world hate the US when the US has been the main force behind so much hardship and oppression.

We must pool funds and place money where it matters. Taking over companies and putting people into office who really want to help folks. What a tragedy it is to sit and watch people within our government squander the power that we have entrusted to them. How can in one instance congress give itself a raise then refuse to raise the minimum wage level? Congress, like the rest of the government is for keeping people poor. They show this in all of the policy they pass right now. Their goal is to keep everyone in the world, including the United States poor. In this way, they and big business can remain rich. It is the new slavery.

People in the US talk about freedom and how much there is here, all the while they are being oppressed! The oppression is so cleverly masked. Many think that because they can buy whatever they want to (mostly on credit) that this makes them free. Many think that the government and the media is always telling them the "truth" and this "truth" sets them free.

You and I know better. So like Pinky and the Brain we must do today what we do everyday, "try and take over the world". The world needs us even though there are those myopic folks who don't understand our desire for peace, ecological safety and economic freedom. They are in the minority and they ( meaning government) are our employees. We need to start acting like the bosses!


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