Monday, March 28, 2005


Kudos go out to the students at Georgetown University who forced their institution to look at its labor practices and make changes. Their story is on Democracy Now! It is fascinating! It seems three years ago students at the University took it upon themselves to make some real changes in employment. Not thier own employment but the employment of people who worked at the school on a daily basis who were getting a raw deal. The student's efforts are an altruism we do not often see today.

So the students started making demands. They were placed into committes that were getting nowhere. Within the three years they got unions on their side, they offered English as second language courses and offred appreciation breakfasts for the workers. After three years of being basically ignored by the admisitration, the students decided it was time to go on a hunger strike. Their thought was that they must be uncomfortable just like the workers were being made to feel uncomfortable. It is this strike that turned the administration around.

These students called for fair wages, equal beneifits and unions. Their monumental efforts and win should be applauded by us all. Their victory is our victory.


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