Friday, September 16, 2005

The Book of Revelations

Revelations 15:7 And it came to pass that in the later day the ignorant, and the misinformed descended upon the polls and voted into office their new slave master, Anti-Christ.

Revelations 15:8 Tripping over words and staring blankly into space, Anti-Christ assended his thrown.

Revelations 15:9 those who protested were deemed insane, unpatriotic and heathenistic. In the later days of double speak, spin and lies, the wolf in sheep's clothing beat the drums of war, enslaved the world and ignored the social needs of a decaying civilization.

Thursday, September 15, 2005


We the people in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice [and] ensure domestic tranquility, must stop drinking the kool-aid!
When the levees broke, when their seams split and the waters rose, forcing us into attics, and into sewage infested streets, we knew help would come. But when the waters stretched up and reached ten feet, fifteen feet, twenty feet high, the government, long obsolete retreated!
While our world stood still, gasping to fill our airless lungs, we were told, "wait". As our children died, and shots rang out, we were told, "hope". As the sewage rose and disease threatened, we were told, "have faith". Six days and nights passed. Death came to many, destruction to all. And while we gasped in disbelief, the President leisurely played a round of golf.

Monday, March 28, 2005


Kudos go out to the students at Georgetown University who forced their institution to look at its labor practices and make changes. Their story is on Democracy Now! It is fascinating! It seems three years ago students at the University took it upon themselves to make some real changes in employment. Not thier own employment but the employment of people who worked at the school on a daily basis who were getting a raw deal. The student's efforts are an altruism we do not often see today.

So the students started making demands. They were placed into committes that were getting nowhere. Within the three years they got unions on their side, they offered English as second language courses and offred appreciation breakfasts for the workers. After three years of being basically ignored by the admisitration, the students decided it was time to go on a hunger strike. Their thought was that they must be uncomfortable just like the workers were being made to feel uncomfortable. It is this strike that turned the administration around.

These students called for fair wages, equal beneifits and unions. Their monumental efforts and win should be applauded by us all. Their victory is our victory.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Smoke and Mirrors

Is anyone else out there wondering why congress has even taken it upon itself to "investigate" baseball's steriods problem. This is the height of absurdity! It's a smoke screen. The smoke screen's goal is to bury the dirt that they themselves are creating. The biggest being turning down an increase in the minimum wage level. Minimum wage has not been increased in eight years! Yet congress sees this as fitting. In their minds it is ok to give themselves pay increases but balk at increases for other workers. This is a crime against the American people and a crime against humanity.

So they'll cover up this crime by tackling baseball's problems. Give us a break. Baseballs' problems pale in comparison to the problems that congress is creating for workers in the US. Oh yeah, and the media that supports the smoke and mirrors just reports it as if it isn't insane. Does the congress of the us have nothing better to do than investigate baseball? Of course they do. Does the media not understand its role? We think the media has long forgotten its role is to question. Ask hard questions put people on the spot who deserve it, keep the government, business and citiznes honest.

This is a new day though. Everything is upside down. Lies are being represented as truth, cooberated by the media and accepted by the people. We must ever more read between the lines. Back media that is asking the hard questions and uncovering the real truth. Read: The Nation, The Progressive and other magazines that are really trying to keep us informed. Listen to Democracy Now! and get real information. Then write the backwords media that isn't serving the purpose of truly informin the citizenry. Call them out on this. Make them know that you are an informed person who sees that they have dropped the ball and are not doing their jobs. They in turn, in embarrassement, will enventually do better.

Forcing the media to do a better job is an important campaign. They afterall, shape the opinions of millions of people.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Pinky and the Brain

You know it's time! Time for us to take over the world and make it into a rocking place where everyone has enough! All we need is a critical mass of like minded, peaceful people. More people are waking up to the peaceful tip every day! I love this!

Why does the thought of peace so threaten some folks? This is a question I have asked myself numerous times. How could anyone in their right mind say, "no one wants war, but since we are over there, ( meaning Iraq) shouldn't we support the troops?)." In my mind this is beyond absurd, yet this is the way some people in the US are thinking right now. It makes me incredibly sad and makes me really wonder how can I continue to live in a society with people who are so idiotic? I want to separate myself from them. I want to be far away from this insanity.

So, I say it is time! Time to make a change! We must begin to truly make a difference in the world. I don't know if I can spend my life trying to educate folks about why it is insane to support war if no one wants to be at war. Why is is insane to put a manipulative, liar back into office, and why it is absurd to sit and wonder why people in the world hate the US when the US has been the main force behind so much hardship and oppression.

We must pool funds and place money where it matters. Taking over companies and putting people into office who really want to help folks. What a tragedy it is to sit and watch people within our government squander the power that we have entrusted to them. How can in one instance congress give itself a raise then refuse to raise the minimum wage level? Congress, like the rest of the government is for keeping people poor. They show this in all of the policy they pass right now. Their goal is to keep everyone in the world, including the United States poor. In this way, they and big business can remain rich. It is the new slavery.

People in the US talk about freedom and how much there is here, all the while they are being oppressed! The oppression is so cleverly masked. Many think that because they can buy whatever they want to (mostly on credit) that this makes them free. Many think that the government and the media is always telling them the "truth" and this "truth" sets them free.

You and I know better. So like Pinky and the Brain we must do today what we do everyday, "try and take over the world". The world needs us even though there are those myopic folks who don't understand our desire for peace, ecological safety and economic freedom. They are in the minority and they ( meaning government) are our employees. We need to start acting like the bosses!

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


For books and websites see blog entry below this one


Claim your independence, awaken the

Learn about and support companies

that work towards the betterment of

Reuse and Recycle items

Limit your use of petroleum based
products (i.e. plastics, oil, gasoline)

Pool ideas and resources with other

like minded people

Educate someone else about the things

you’ve learned, speak the truth

Believe enough in yourself to start your

own business- do something you are
passionate about- be fair, ethical, and

Challenge the media by educating yourself

on the facts- support media that challenges
the status quo, then challenge the status quo

Set your mind to the fact that government

works for us! Demand they do their jobs!
We are their bosses! Write, boycott, and
speak out against their claims and injustices

Let them know you will not be bullied or intimidated

Believe one person can make a difference

believe in your goals

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Books, websites, and the No Confidence Resolution

"Let them march all they want. So long as they pay their taxes" Alexander Haig June 1982.

Unfortunately, this is what the government still seems to think. We must know that it is our dollars that pay for war and unjust aggreements between nations that keep people poor. Let us vow to pay no more!

Knowledge is the key towards independence. Begin your journey with the list below and since this list is by no means comprehensive please add good reads of your own. Please respect that this is sight to help folks gain knowledge and help build a movement towards making the world a better place in which to live.

I. Books and websites
1. Natural Capitalism by Paul Hawken, Amory Lovings, and L Hunter Lovins
2. The Exception to the Rulers: Exposing Oily Politicians, War profiteer and the Media that Love Them by Amy Goodman with David Goodman
3. Small Is Beautiful: Economics As If People Mattered by E. F, Schumacher
4. Healing With Whole Foods: Oriental Traditions and Modern Nutrition
5. Herbal Healing For Women: Simple Home Remedies for Women of All Ages by Rosemary Gladstar
6.Fatal Harvest by Andrew Kimbrell
7. Seeds of Decepetion by Jeffery Smith
8. Hope's Edge: The Next Diet for a Small Planet by Anna Lappe and Frances Moore Lappe
9. Confessions of an Economic Hitman by John Perkins
10. The Ordinary Person's Guide to Empire by Aryndhatu Roy
11. Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them by Al Franken
12. Red Emma Speaks by Alix Kates Shulman

Websites: National War Tax Coordinating Committee- tax resistance info - support for a peace tax fund bill - War Resisters League -Ways to boycott war and support peace - The No Confidence Resolution - Exposes the corrupt science of GMO Foods Activist group - "News and views for the Progressive Community" - Consumer protection for Elections" - Democracracy Unlimited Community Currency -self employment and future job markets and community currency interview - Alliance for sustainable jobs and the environment. email for information on the North Coast Initiative Project. They work towards restoration of woods and wages. community currency at its best, how and why it works in Ithaca, NY - community currency directory and info - Arcata Community Farm - National Assocaiation of women Business Owners - Naom Chomsky's Official Website Democracy Now site Find info about books and philosophy by Howard Zinn infor on library bikes

II. No Confidence Resolution

(v5.1, last updated 12/20/04 5pm)WHEREAS private corporate ownership of voting machines has inherent conflicts of interest, and has specifically led to partisan support;and

WHEREAS most voting machines made by private companies do not provide a voter-verifiable paper ballot or a permanent paper record of votes;and

WHEREAS no machine is infallible, and there is extensive documentation of thousands of so-called voting machine "glitches," including lost data, negative vote totals, tallies equaling more votes than there are registered voters, and persistent automatic vote swapping from a voter's chosen candidate to an opponent, with some of said "glitches" being severe enough to change an election's outcome;and

WHEREAS data from the 2004 U.S. presidential election indicate an enormous probability of fraud including, but not limited to, a non-random pattern involving optical scan machines in several states tallying significantly more votes for one candidate than could be expected based on exit polls, voter registrations or even voter turnout;and

WHEREAS conditions do not currently allow US federal elections to be accepted without question;

THEREFORE be it resolved that until:
1) all private corporations are divested of ownership in election machines, and
2) clean money laws keep all corporate funds out of campaign financing, and
3) any future mechanisms for voting conform to a uniform national standard and produce a verifiable audit trail for every vote, and
4) all votes are cast on the same day, designated as a national holiday, with the exception of absentee ballots which will be granted to applicants meeting a narrow list of federally determined criteria, and
5) all votes are counted publicly in the presence of citizen witnesses and credentialed members of the media, and
6) equal time provisions are observed by the media along with a measurable increase in local, public control of the airwaves, and
7) presidential debates contain a minimum of three candidates, and are run by a non-partisan commission comprised of representatives of publicly owned media outlets, and
8) instant runoff voting (see H.R. 5293) and proportional representation replace the winner-take-all system for federal elections;

There shall be no basis for confidence in the legitimacy of the results reported from future US federal elections;

Be it also resolved that fraudulent elections constitute denial of the Consent of the Governed, defined in the Declaration of Independence as the self-evident truth from which government derives just Power. This Council reserves the right to exercise remedies described therein.

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